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How does someone qualify to attend an EARLY session?

The EARLY-SOAR (Student Orientation Advisement Registration) program is a one-day orientation, advisement, and registration program that is offered to new first-year students who have been accepted for admission to YSU by February 15.

Students are given an opportunity to be among the first to register for fall semester classes. Also, students will have an opportunity to meet faculty, staff, and students who intend to assist them throughout their career at YSU as well as visiting with representatives from various services and resources on campus.

What is EARLY admission?

High school seniors who have been accepted for admission for the fall term by February 15, receive an invitation to attend the EARLY Student Orientation, Advisement and Registration program which is held in March. Those students who attend the EARLY program are among the first to register early for courses and qualify for priority financial aid and scholarships . Also, students are given the opportunity to visit campus and become acquainted with the university prior to summer orientation.